Universal Fader wing power supply specs

I have searched and can not find any published specs for the universal fader wing power supply. I am also having trouble finding anyone selling them. The spec sheet for the fader wing only says that a 12 Volt power supply is included and does not give a part number. I'd love to know the barrel size and the thread size of the locking ring. I'd love to get an additional power supply because I move my wings around and I'd like to leave a power supply in each spot. I'd also prefer to get a power supply with a cord instead of a wall wart, so I'd love to find a matching aftermarket power supply with a cord and the appropriate barrel and locking nut, if that exists. One thing I don't like about a lot of the power supplies you get these days is that they have 5 different plugs for various countries, i don't want that added connection, I just one that is not bulky, with an integral US plug.