Fader vs submaster

Can anyone explain me, please, what is difference between fader vs submaster? I'm working in small theater in Czechia, English is not my first language and when I ask colleagues, all of them have different opinion about it.

  • In Eos Fader is the physical thing you can move with the flash buttons that belong to it. This physical fader can be connected to different types of memories. one type of those memories is a cuelist, but it can also be connected to a type of memory called sub.

    so, a sub is a memory type that can be connected to the physical thing called fader. you can use the sub even when it's not connected to a fader: Sub 1 At 60 Enter.

    the types of memories that a fader can be connected to: cuelist, sub, palettes, presets. and a fader can also execute special functions like Manual Time fader and Global Effects fader.

  • Thank you for the explanation.

    I was confused, because when I do: [Record] [Sub] [3] [Enter], my sub appears on fader 3.

  • that's because the mapping (making the connection from the memory to the physical fader) had already be done before. this can happen manually (fader config tab, tab 36) or as a default e.g. on an Element console.