Missing Groups from the Eos Family Console Programming workbooks


I am using an Ion XE 20, and I  am working my way through the Level 4 Proficient Eos Family Console programming workbook v2.9 Rev. A.

There seems to be some missing groups from the programming series. I have searched and searched for these missing groups in the previous 3 levels of workbooks. I have searched online. I have even word searched the PDF versions without any success. The only clue which I have found is 10 seconds into the Locked Palettes video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPe36mgKEpM&list=PLl-Ao0hIFwH_u7svKAKxHtBTuqwehG4WJ&index=3 ) you will see a glimpse of the two missing groups in the Magic Sheet on screen.

These missing groups at: #6 Solaframe 750 Overstage and #8 Side High.

Can someone provide information for these Groups so that I may create them and use them in my training show?


    Christopher Bothwell