Tutorial on getting MIDI MTC Timecode working with EOS Family on PC

I believe this is where this should go, correct me if I'm wrong, but I finally figured out how to get MIDI timecode working solely on one computer without any hardware (consoles/cables) so I felt that it should be good to share my method.

Starting off the two programs I used was Reaper (Audio Production application) and loopMIDI (a driver that will fake MIDI cables, more explanation on the site, it also looks pretty sketchy). Both should be first google link if I forget to link them.

1. Go into loopMIDI and add a port, then you never need to look at loopMIDI again

2. Open Reaper, > Insert then 'SMPTE LTC/MTC Timecode Generator '

a. You can accurately change the length of it by right clicking then 'Item Properties' and select HSMF 

b. Right click again (or click properties near the bottom) select 'Source Properties' then 'Send MIDI (MTC)' select your FPS + start time

3. After this, go to > Options then Preferences (Ctrl + P), then Audio - MIDI Devices. You should see the loopMIDI port there (if not restart Reaper). 

a. Right click give it an ID then enable (EOS goes up to 32)

4. Finally in Reaper, on the Timecode layer on the left right click the IO knob (next to the fx button) and select the loopMIDI port in 'MIDI Hardware Output' 

You can check if it worked by opening loopMIDI, it should say it received some data.

Now to EOS

5. In EOS go to System Settings -> Show Control -> MIDI

a. Enable 'MIDI Time Code Rx' , MIDI / SMPTE Rx, and USB MIDI / SMPTE

b. change everything in 'Network' and 'Time Code ID' to the ID you chose in Reaper

c. (not sure if this is required but maybe it is idk) insert the cuelist you want to timecode under 'MIDI Cue List'

6. Now open the Show Control window (Tab 11), everything is done with Soft Keys in this menu, Enter will mean hit enter

a. Type in 'Event 1 Enter' and you should get a list + an empty Event

b. Type in 'Event 1 Type MIDI Enter' then '... Source (ID in Reaper) Enter

c. Enable 'External', Internal will continue the timecode when you pause it in Reaper (good for shows where TC is running on separate PC, not as good when you're programming)

d. Change FPS to what you selected in Reaper

At this stage you should see in the Status bar ' 00:00:00:00 (Int Off) ' in green (if Internal is turned off, turned on it'll be grey saying 'Waiting for Input' )

If you start playing the Time Code it should start playing in the console, if not re-enable 'USB MIDI / SMPTE' in system settings. Have fun programming :)

Video I made with explanation + visuals as I go: https://youtu.be/8By9TrLpw9w

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