OSC widgets

Ive installed the widgets on my laptop and after some tinkering i have managed to get everything working. Except for the encoders. Everytime i touch one i get a syntax error saying parameter already exists. Im attempting this on the offline nomad software for test purposes but would like to be able to use it in an Element.

I gues the first question would be is it possible to use encoders with an Element?

Then what woukd need tk be done to make it work. I have them currwntly setup as eos/key/encoder_1 and so on through 6 and set up buttons to change the state for color and focus etc.

Any help would be appreciated

  • I don't think the /eos/key/encoder* works for changing values associated with encoders. I would suggest trying to change a specific parameter. /eos/active/wheel/1 or eos/wheel/pan as your base address. Yes you can use this with a element.
    The osc based encoders don't follow along with the console encoder layout/pages. If you want pages of attributes on encoders you have to build that in the widget software.
  • Thanks ill give it a try. Is there somewhere i can get the full list of OSC codes? I found it once before but i cant seem to find it now.
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