Joystick control


Maybe not a ETC Labs question but do anyone know a way to translate a joystick movement and buttons to OSC? 

I have made a gamepad work with Cobalt with keystrokes and mouse control But now I want a Logitech EXTREME 3D Pro to work. 


  • You could use the light hack code and adjust it for analog input and button input from joystick but you would need to bypass the usb controller in the joystick and wire directly to the buttons/joystick sensors.  It is probably possible to create an arduino or other device that would act as a usb host and translate the usb-hid to OSC commands.  Other possibilities are having a computer client running software that would translate the joystick into osc.  Depending on what computer system you are using there are various pieces of software out that can do this with some configuration.

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