Luminosus: Binding /eos/active/wheel to midi cc encoder


First I would like to thank very much programmer(s) of Luminosus. Definitively a great tool!

Now I'm quite stacked on the purpose in subject: In luminosus I can use the very good object "Encoder" for a specific function (that works perfectly for fixed parameter like "pan" o "red"). But for me would be great to control the active wheel ( /eos/active/wheel/coarse/X=YYY). So I tried to build a custom OSC strings with some programming for rescaling datas:

It works quite well.. but the problem is that MIDI cc in or Script or OSC object filter out repetitive value... in this workflow when i move with constant vel the encoder (it sends several 1 for instance) the system respond just to the firs and nothing is sent to out while i use a costant velocity on the encoder. If the velocity change a different midi value is received and the system works well.

So, the question: Is there a way to set a preference to non to filter out repetitive values for custom OSC out object? or Is it possible to use encoder object also for this kind of path (/eos/active/wheel/ etc...)?

thank you in advance,

best, fc

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