Luminosus: Binding /eos/active/wheel to midi cc encoder


First I would like to thank very much programmer(s) of Luminosus. Definitively a great tool!

Now I'm quite stacked on the purpose in subject: In luminosus I can use the very good object "Encoder" for a specific function (that works perfectly for fixed parameter like "pan" o "red"). But for me would be great to control the active wheel ( /eos/active/wheel/coarse/X=YYY). So I tried to build a custom OSC strings with some programming for rescaling datas:

It works quite well.. but the problem is that MIDI cc in or Script or OSC object filter out repetitive value... in this workflow when i move with constant vel the encoder (it sends several 1 for instance) the system respond just to the firs and nothing is sent to out while i use a costant velocity on the encoder. If the velocity change a different midi value is received and the system works well.

So, the question: Is there a way to set a preference to non to filter out repetitive values for custom OSC out object? or Is it possible to use encoder object also for this kind of path (/eos/active/wheel/ etc...)?

thank you in advance,

best, fc

  • Dear Francesco,

    I'm interest in your problem: i would like to buy a midi controler, but i asked my self: controller with or without wheel, it depends if i can assign the controller wheel to the eos nomad wheel. Did you find a solution ?

    Does anyone have the beringher x-touch controler (which is what i'm looking for),  did he try to connect the wheel?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Cyril,

    here an excerpt from the answer I received from the developer:

    "Unfortunately what you try to do is really not possible at the moment.
    Repetitive values are always filtered and this is why the Encoder block was created, but as you saw correctly the encoder block can't control the active wheel."

    I can say that with my BCF2000 rotors can be used with fixed parameters for good (for instance red color, or tilt) and they work VERY WELL. no way at this moment to control the active wheels like the one that are on the wing (that change functions on channel selection)...

  • Hi Francesco,

    Thanks for your answer. I will buy a controller whitout wheel, it will be cheaper!!!

  • hi francesco 

    i have a midicon pro II, and i want to use  wheels for pan and tilt with luminosus.

    how do you do ? i try but.... 

    thank you

    sorry for my english

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