Trouble with offline editor talking to Luminosus.

I have both Luminosus and the offline editor running on my Macbook pro and I am trying to get them to play well together. When opened a fader bank in luminous it wont show the values of the faders in EOS and in Luminousus the faders when moved will wait one second then snap back down to zero. It seemed like the two were just not connected, however when I press the fader number in Luminousus it will engage the same fader in EOS the same way as it would if you press the fader number in EOS.

I'm sure I couldnt have made this more confusing but would love some help!

  • A little more clarity!

    Here's what I gather:

    -You're running an EOS offline editor and luminosus on a macbook pro (both programs on the same mac PC. I'm doing something similar only on a Windows PC. I'm using ETCnomad)

    -Problem: Luminosus is not showing the values from EOS (no names, no fader positions).

    -When you move the faders in Luminosus they will snap back to 0 within a second

    I would have thought EOS and luminosus were not connected, however when you press the fader number in luminosus it selects the fader in EOS as if you had selected it in EOS