Problem with sending OSC via TCP


I tried to send OSC via tcp. According to the protocol, the connection is established, but the following error occurs during transmission:

etc eos osc corrupt package, packet size exceeds max 131072

Here's my Code:

Hope you can Help me


Here's a Screenshot of the whole communication:

  • 825237536 decimal is 31302020 hex which is "10  " ASCII.

    In other words, the message string you are sending is not a valid OSC packet. The first 4 bytes ought to be a 4-byte integer for the size, not an ASCI string.

    Per the spec

    An OSC packet consists of its contents, a contiguous block of binary data, and its size, the number of 8-bit bytes that comprise the contents. The size of an OSC packet is always a multiple of 4.