Trouble connecting encoders to X-touch compact

Hi all,

Iv'e managed to connect the buttons and faders to Eos no problem but I am struggling to connect the encoders to control thing such as pan, tilt, colour/ gobo wheel. 

Does anyone know how to do this?

  • Hi..Details regarding your network setup?  Using a switch or router?  DHCP?  Do you have a computer in the mix?
    And i have to ask.  This is the X-Touch and not the X-Touch Compact, right?
    My experience has been that so long as both the X32 and the X-Touch were on the same Network [even if self-assigned] the X-Touch had no trouble 'finding' the X32 once i pushed the encoder on the X-Touch to search for it

  • Same problem. Could not find any clue around. And AFAIK, there is no Network issue here, we're talking about USB connection.