2 different networks


I want to use luminosus for converting DMX values to OSC strings for triggering lists on a HOG4. The sACN is coming from an other light desk. So that is my network port 1. I want to sent the Osc string by network port 2 (HOG NET). Can somebody tell me if this will work?

On a hog system the HOG Net and Fixture net (sACN) are separated. That is why i need 2 network ports.

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  • It would be better if one had the ability to bind specific network interfaces to different blocks. That said, I've gotten this exact setup working by connecting only FixtureNet first and having a "Console" with that range active in Luminosus. Then connect your HogNet network to the computer and activate a "Console" in the HogNet range to receive the OSC. This is working in OSX 10.15