Proposing to the ETC Labs Github ? [english/french]


Being new to Github I can't figure out how to propose new TouchOSC & Luminosus layouts to the ETC Labs' Github : would anyone know how ?

The Luminosus layout is for use with a Behringer X-Touch Compact

The TouchOSC layouts are a simple Cobalt remote control, and a more extensive layout for Eos v3

I would like to share them to the community as much as possible

Nice day to everyone !


NB : Je peux répondre en français si besoin

  • The official git way:

    - Fork the official repo

    - Clone the fork to your computer

    - Add whatever your want to

    - Commit your changes

    - Push your changes back to GitHub (To the forked repo)

    - Open a pull request on GitHub from your fork back to the official repo

    The pull request (PR) may be accepted as is, rejected, or require additional work. When your PR is either accepted or rejected, you can delete your fork, or continue adding things. In general, it's consider good etiquette to add only one thing per PR, so one feature, one fix etc. A lot of repos will reject large PR's that do multiple things as they are harder to verify and check.

    The only problem is, I'm not sure how much maintenance these repos get so it may take a while for your pull request to be looked at, if it is looked at at all.