OSCrouter, eos qlab and TCP.

Is there any documentation or guides on how to use OSCrouter? Both how to use the different setups but in particular how to connect Eos and Qlab over TCP.

I can't find any information online.


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  • Thanks, I found them. It is nothing about how the TCP part work, the manual for OSCrouter is copied (?) from a (old) guide about to connect Eos and Qlab, telling you to "Check out the OSCRouter documentation for more amazing features" and "On the Qlab computer, download an application called OSCRouter (written by Eos developer, Chris Mizerak) from the ETC Labs Git Hub page: https://github.com/ElectronicTheatreControlsLabs/OSCRouter"

    So nothing new for me there and I was more looking for a in depth made by the makers or someone focusing more on the software then Eos<->Qlab. I have alot of other things I mix up in there like Intercom (GreenGo V5); Bitfocus Companion to control Stagetimer.io, video projectors and more...

    But then I guess it is not much more out there. Then back to rail and error and jus be happy when it works!

    Thanks once more!


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