Luminosus, BCF2000, EOS Family/Nomad Mac

Hi there,

First post here!

Just having fun exploring the latest stable version of Luminosus with Nomad on Mac, and dusted off my old BCF2000, what a joy!

All seems to be working (I can assign buttons to keys, Faders to Subs), and it works well:

1. I can move a physical Fader on the BCF2000, and it moves both the bound fader in Luminosus as well as the sub's value in EOS

2. I can move a fader in Luminosus, and it moves both the Fader on the BCF2000 and the Sub in EOS

What DOES NOT seem to work is:

3. I assign a manual value to the sub in question, or

4. I drag a the fader on the fader page that the sub is assigned to:

neither 3 or 4 result in any movement either in Luminosus nor on the BCF2000.

Seeing that things like Cue Lists and Faders seem to populate live to Luminosus without problem (names etc all come over), It can't be something dumb like the entire OSC feedback not working, right?

I dumped both the ETC NomadShell settings as screenshots, as well as the Show Control settings - maybe I am missing something glaringly obvious :)!

Thank you so much for having a look for me.




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