Luminosus - master fader pair and custom OSC

Hi all,

I'm trying to control the master fader pair via OSC using the fader/0/1 & 2 command. It works well using TouchOSC, but I had no luck with Luminosus, as the software does not allow faders to be set from page 0 (neither with single fader nor with fader banks).

I then tried to create a custom OSC setup and try to send the command directly to Eos, but I've had no luck...Using the Eos option in the custom settings, the connection seems to be set, Luminosus looks happy, but no response at all from Eos. Same problem using the custom OSC option in the custom settings with TCP 1.0 and TCP 1.1. Using UDP, I get the response : [In] [Invalid] Raw:

I tried using other simple commands like eos/key/go=<value> but no luck either.

Same behaviour using Luminosus 1.3.0 or 's 1.3.1

Here are my questions :

- Does anyone know how to correctly set up the Custom OSC connection ?

- How can I set a single fader to be in bank 0

- I have little experience working with C, could it be feasible to edit Luminosus's files to make this possible ?

Thanks for you inputs !