Luminosus problem with BCF2000 Faders

I have just started using Luminosus with a BCF2000.  I really like it.

I have noticed a small problem when I have feedback turned on so that EOS send fader information back to the BCF2000.  Whenever I move a physical fader it does a micro adjustment after the move.  It is annying as this means after every fader adjustment the fader fires up producing a small sound and moving every so slightly.  I have some investigation and it has to do with the fader value precision.  Here is an example, lets say I move a fader and it sends the following OSC string to EOS:


EOS then sends back the following OSC string 

/eos/fader/2/1, Double: 0.41

The problem is they are not the same value.  Because of the small difference the phsical fader powers up and moves slightly.  Does anyone have a solution to this?   Maybe Luminosus should truncate or round the value to two decimal places?