Lighthack with 6 encoders and 6 LCD - need advice

I would like to make my own lighthack box with the following specifications:


6 encoders

1 LCD per encoder

multiple encoder pages, each with a corresponding button

Pressing the encoder posts the parameter to the command line


Does anyone have any advice?


Does anyone have any code for this they can share?


I was planning on using these displays

because they are the ones that come with the lighthack kit.

  • I don't know of an arduino that could support 6 lcd displays and the encoders as well. You may have to do one per display or maybe two displays per arduino. They take quite a few pins. There are some i2c backpacks you can get for the 2X20 and 2X16 displays that reduce the number of pins necessary. I've done 4 encoders with 5 pages and a 2X40 or 4X40 display on one Teensy 3.5 all based on the light hack code
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