Teensy USB driver

Hello all,

this is a question/feature request.

I have built a Lighthack-Box with 8 encoders for my element. This box uses a teensy 3.5 to send OSC via USB.

Unfortunately EOS does not recognize my teensy - eos on my PC does recognize it.

Only after I install the teensy serial driver from the teensy Homepage on my console, I can use the Box.

However, when I updated to 2.8 this driver seems to have been removed...

I will install it again before the next programming session starts and hope it works again.

It would be very helpful, if not only the arduino usb driver but also the teensy usb driver would be included into the eos software...

Or am I missing something?

  • Please, can you share the project as a .zip file attached, including the libraries you use (are they downloaded with the Arduino Library Manager,
    or Teensy libs ?).
    I tried using my Teensy 3.5 with PlatformIO on macOS with v2.8 without problems.

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