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Never hacked an Arduino in my life but want to build the Lighthack OSC/EOS box for our ETC Element 2

Problems already; The (very concise) instructions says; Download Arduino OSC library from GitHub.com/CNMAT/OSC. When I get there I see about 30 files many with OSC in them? How do I know which what to download. Same for the sketch box  and Eos Test Application. I think (hope) I pulled down the IDE zip for Windows 10. 

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  • Ok thanks. Well at this time I am up and running the test code with appropriate LEDs flashing and handshaking the EOS. I couldn't hack a clean plastic cover for the "box" so cut out an a aluminum one. It's not too bad but thought I wanted to make the really good looing and decided to pay for a 3D printed plastic face plate. Waitng delivery - soldering iron on stand by.


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