box_1-src & box_2_src

When I was downloading the sketches and libraries I noticed there was both a box_1-src & a box_2_src sketch. I used the first one per the instructions but wondered why the two? I've put them up in the editor to compare them and can't see any difference!  

I found the default P&T default  of "1" at lines 113 and 114 too slow and after some experimentation settled on 5 as a compromise.

The Next and Last buttons work well but I have yet to see any difference using the "Fine" button.

I used a 3D Printed panel so it looks pretty good but wish there was a commercial USB Encoder box that was a lot more robust. I also use Alien Stagecraft’s “oscRFR” (For Android systems) but don't find the touching the LCD as intuitive as the boxes wheels.

The box has been in use for a couple months now and is a boon to ELE2 users that need the Encoders.