Multiplexer / Integrated Circuit

hi there!

I am building a box with 4 encoders and 5 buttons (next/previous + Shift and also Param_Up & Down) with a Arduino NANO and I would like to try to add a couple of faders.

I was wondering if anyone ever tryed to use a multiplexer or an integrated circuit to make it possible to have even more analogue inputs?

Will the Arduino Nano handle these amount of stuff ?

thanks in advance...

This is a great project to build during lockdown period. I strongly recommend it.

Stay home.

  • First, the Nano will work only with Nomad (WIN10 or macOS) and not with a console (only UNO and MEGA works).
    I tried to use an I2C Expander for more GPIOs, no luck. The small Arduinos are very limited.
    Using faders and LCD displays at the same time causing many timing problems, e.g. when controlling the same channel.
    For more MCU power and pins you should use a Teensy board (3.5 or 3.6), with a trick you can use them with a console.

  • I haven't test anything on a rehearsal or show, I am just playing around with hardware connections and code. I wasn't sure about possible time delays, etc

    It might be smart to use this arduino nano just to control encoders /parameters.

    I'll try to use a Teensy board.

    Thank you very much for the answer and for the code on your Github page. It has been really really useful!

    best regards