Encoders based on Fixture Type


Am I correct in thinking that it could be possible to change LH's encoders based on the Fixture currently selected? Would this be a case of subscribing to the patch updates and taking the last (fixture model) info from "/eos/out/get/patch/<chan number>/0/list/0/5"?

Is it possible or am I barking up the wrong tree? I presume I'd also need to subscribe to CMD line output in order to discover the currently selected channel?



  • When you select a channel you can get a list of all parameters with the explicit output which is organized with wheels. You can see it in the diagnostic tab. Here is the definition you can find in the user manual.

    • “/eos/out/active/wheel/<number>, <string argument with parameter name and current value from the 1st channel><integer argument category>

      • Null / Unassigned = 0

      • Intensity = 1

      • Focus = 2

      • Color = 3

      • Image = 4

      • Form=5

      • Shutter = 6