Do 32u4's not work with this? (Pro Micro)

I've been working on an encoder box, and I just switched from an Uno to a Pro Micro for the increased power. My code worked and performed a handshake on the Uno, but no OSC communication on the Pro Micro.

Code pastebin here:


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  • Still nothing. The diagnostics tab only shows EtcUsbDiscovery finding two devices upon plugging in the device. For clarification, I tried the USBtest sketch from the original repository, and even it did not show a connection to Nomad.

    The strange part is that this board is just a smaller version of the Leonardo, even appearing as one in the Arduino IDE, and that board is confirmed to work in the CNMAT/OSC repo.

  • In general only Arduino UNO and MEGA are official supported, all other boards are maybe and depends on the OS and if there is a need of extra drivers. For increase power you should use a Teensy 3.x. The only difference between an UNO and a Micro is that the Micro have two pins (0, 1) more available and 500 Bytes more RAM.