Wheel Parameters for encoders & Gobo Index/Speed

Is there a list of eos/wheel/ parameters anywhere? I can't find a solid list anywhere and none of this is covered in the OSC Show Control guide. Generally it's as simple as the parameter name (Zoom, Iris, Gobo_select, etc) but I can't figure out the string to use for some of the more complex worded functions like Gobo Index/Speed. Thanks!

  • There is not a complete list because it is constantly being added to.  In general, as you found, single-name parameters are just their name: Zoom or Pan or Iris.  Multiword things have _ underscores:

    Things with a / forward slash, replace with a \ backslash:
    gobo_index\speed or gobo_ind\spd
    animation_ind\spd or animation_index\speed

    I did testing for this answer with GitHub - ETCLabs/OSCWidgets: UNOFFICIAL - OSC widgets for your Mac or Windows Desktop so that I could try combinations quickly and easily.  You may find it helpful to open Tab99 Diagnostics and enable incoming and outgoing OSC logging.  Then you can see right away if the name you're trying is working or throws an error.  If you have access to iRFR/aRFR, you can look at Tab99 to see which terms are being sent by the remote device to control each wheel type.

  • It seems that the underline is no more needed you can use a simple space, also the parameter names are no more case sensitiv.
    The backslash is needed because a normal slash is used to separate the OSC containers.