Which USB serial devices are supported on a Color Source?


I am running a ColorSource 20 AV Console and would like wo build a simple one-encoder box to control the brightness wheel.

I have tried the sample code on an Arduino Nano (which uses a FTDI FT232RL for the USB serial conversion), but could not detect any handshake ("ETCOSC?") nor get any reaction to my OSC commands. The Code itself seems to be working fine; if manually feed it a handshake (by serial terminal software on my pc) it answers "OK", and turning the encoder seems to produce valid OSC output (including the 0xC0 end-of-packet character). My suspicion is that the console does not recognize the Arduino Nano as a serial device.

Could anyone enlighten me as to which USB serial interfaces are supported by the current ColorSource firmware? Do i need to use an Arduino Uno (as used in the original lighthack kit)? Are there any other supported alternatives?

Thank you very much in advance,

brgds - Dieter