Multiple controller input?

I want to built my own layout of an interface with 4 Encoders and display together with a 10 fader element with display . As I understand for now the input pins of a teensy 4.1 are still not enough to address all of these desired controls. I am in the beginning of learning the use of microcontrollers. Is it possible to use 2 teensy at the same time? 

  • - Teensy does work only with Nomad, only Arduino Mega and Uno are actual supported with consoles
    - Use HMI displays like Nextion which uses only a Serial port or use Text LCDs
    - Conventional graphic display needs a lot of code and gives many problems.
    - For Text LCDs use displays with build in I2C expander.
    - You can use I/O expander like e.g. MCP23017 or MCP23s17 if you don't have enough pins.
    - It should possible to use more than one controller unit but I don't have tested yet.
    - Teensy is needed when you want to use dynamic parameters because you need much RAM

  • Hello sstaub, thanks for your quick detailed input. Usually I work on an ION in theatre which is already fine for me but for touring purpose I started NOMAD which is also already a good solution in general but for moving light programming I still like to have encoders, also faders for quick submaster and effect changes.

    Therefore a Teensy is fine. I read that it is faster in clock rate then Arduino . I will do some research about I/O expander. Maybe that will already do the job. The displays would be  nice add ons. I will definitely follow your advise and use simple Text LCDs. 
    As a basis I want to try your or Druuks code examples which are appreciated a lot. Thanks for the sharing

  • You can try the code from 
    I'm rewriting the library for the Raspberry Pi Pico which has unfortunately only 3 Analog Inputs,
    but it will need some time.