lighthack test sketch with Teensy 4.1

I'm trying to run the test sketch on a teensy 4.1 on a nomad setup. but I don't know if I'm having an issue with the handshake or something else. When I plug my teensy into my pc running nomad, this is what I get in the diagnostics tab.

I then get nothing else in nomad. I do have incoming OSC Message logging enabled, so I should be seeing the pings every second. I've loaded the exact same sketch onto an Arduino and that does work, so the sketch does in fact work, and nomad is set up to receive OSC over USB. I've tried looking around on the forums here and haven't seemed to come across anyone else having this issue. I've seen people talking about changing PID/VID in the arduino ide folders, but that seem to be regarding connecting to a console rather than a nomad setup. 

When I unplug the teensy I get this is my diagnostic tab so the device is still recognized, just not receiving OSC from it. 

Not sure what the issue I'm running into is, but any help would be appreciated!

Below are current software version I am running

Arduino IDE 1.8.19

Teensyduino 1.56

EOS Nomad on PC 3.1.1 build 120

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