Can't go the forum page on iPad Safari Webbrowser when locked in

This happen only when I'm locked in, if not it work like expected.

  • That is very strange. So far we have not been able to reproduce this issue. Can you try clearing the cache on your iPad and seeing if that resolves the issue?

    Also, are you running any extensions to Safari on your iPad? They shouldn't be getting in the way, but it's good to know.

  • This issue comes up two or three days ago. The iPad was gen with iOS 13.2.3
    I cleared the cache and also switched of my adblocker (1Blocker) but no luck.
    That is very strange.

  • Indeed it is and I see that you had an issue a few months ago that looked very similar. Could you share the URL that you are trying to access when you get this message? (If it's not a public URL, feel free to PM me)

  • OK, found it. I locked in with another old account. With my standard account it works.