"Unread questions and discussions" filter hides everything

Current unread threads

What "Unread questions and discussions" filter shows

  • Thanks for the report. After investigation, it appears that this issue only affects users who customized their home screen. Because many things changed in the upgrade, if other folks are seeing this issue, please revert your home screen customizations to default and then re-customize.

  • I'm sorry, but because I'm an idiot, I can't figure out how to restore to default.

    I checked the Settings tabs and couldn't find a reset button. What am I missing?

  • You're definitely not an idiot...

    The process:

    1. Click the Pencil Icon in the upper left corner of the screen (must do this from a desktop and not mobile)
    2. Choose Edit this Page (top option)
    3. Click the Revert Link
    4. Select the portion of the page to revert (likely just the"Page" portion)
    5. Confirm the reversion and publish the changes
  • The pencil icon only appears in the main list of forums. Once there, it said there was nothing to revert. The problem of new posts marked as read persists.

    Did I miss something?

  • The issue described by sk8rs_dad was referring to the home screen and customizations performed there prior to the maintenance causing issues after that time. Are you seeing the issue on a page that is not your main home page? If so, can you send me a link? (PM if in a closed area)

  • Well, I assumed that this was related to the same issue.

    My issue specifically: In forums, Eos Family for example, every new comment used to highlight that thread in blue. Now, all threads are black as if they have been Read. There are no "unread" messages.

    I assumed his posts were being filtered out because they were marked as Read as well.

    Note: Forums I do not frequent do not have this action. I just visited Response Networking Products and a comment from 13 hours ago is highlighted blue as new and unread.

  • Are you subscribed to emails from the Eos Family forum? If your email client allows the email to be marked as read, it also affects the notification of the thread being marked as read. The idea is that you've already read the contents of the post so why should you have to mark it as read in two places.

  • I am not subscribed to emails.... but the problem has been resolved today. I came in to find new comments. Mystery.


  • Magical fixes are nice, but if you see it happen again, please let us know.

  • I lied. There's hinkyness afoot.

    New, top level posts show as unread. Comment replies on existing threads do not show as unread.


  • Interesting... and you don't receive any emails from that forum?

    This is what I see on a test account that has only read one thread in that forum:

    I'll read a couple more on that test account and see if they go back unread after new replies are made.

  • This still seems to work for me. I'll PM you with more follow-up.

  • I am not subscribed to that forum. (I check it regularly, so no need for emails)

    Right now, I'm not going to fret over it. It seems as if posts started before the forums update do not pop-up new message status, while posts started after the forums update do. As time goes along, the posts started before the update dwindle. So the noticeable cases are only pinned topics.

    I hate leaving a problem unanswered, but it'll be a distant memory in a month.

    I'm over it (not really)

    Thanks! =)