Missing EOS3 Feature Request Forum Topic

I'm missing the "EOS3-Open Beta-Feature Requests" in the forum as an own topic.

  • Hi @sstaub,

    The Eos3-Open Beta-Feature Requests is a different type of item called an ideation. This means that it will not show up in the long list of forums on the homepage as that's just listing forums.

    You can customize your home page (called a dashboard) to include a list of ideations or ideas from a specific ideation you're interested in if you like.

    Hope that helps!

  • It is possible to add the master page "Eos Open Beta - 3.0" ? This will use give faster access to the files etc.

  • You can't copy the group page in its entirety at once, but you have the ability to add the widgets that make it up to your dashboard (Browse Forums widget for the forum list; Browse Ideations widget for the feature request).

    You can customize those additions to your dashboard to target just the Eos Open Beta - 3.0 group if you like.

  • Ok, I added a group widget, that works for me. I'm a newbie in configuring the forum site although I'm a member from the beginning, nice tools. Thank you.