How do I remove myself from all forum subscriptions?

I am receiving email notifications of all posts to the EOS 3.0 bug reporting forum and other even though I have set all my email notifications and subscriptions to 'off' or 'unsubscribed' in "Manage email subscriptions" and notifications settings. I even tried changing my email in myETC and I am still receiving emails. I tried classifying ETC emails into my junk mailbox but they still come through. At this point, I just want to delete my account if I cannot resolve this. Please help!

  • Hi ,

    I see that as of this post you have indeed disabled your settings for allowing the site to email you so you should no longer receive emails from the forums. Depending on the timing of when you changed that setting, there may have still been outgoing emails in the queue that had been sent to you prior to you changing that setting that would still be delivered.

    Please PM me if you continue to receive emails after the time of this post so we can investigate further.