What size gobo does the Lonestar use?

I read the section of the manual on replacing a gobo in the Lonestar but did not see any information about the size.  Does it take a standard size gobo?

  • The Outside Diameter of the Lonestar gobo is 17.5 mm, and the Image size is 13mm. The thickness is 1.1 mm Glass borofloat or 0.5mm Aluminum. This data is in the Datasheet, I will see about getting it added to the User Manual.

    It's important to note that when you call a custom Gobo supplier the pricing is different when you ask for a "Lonestar Gobo" vs when you ask for a "17.5mm OD, 13mm IMM, 1.1mm Thickness" Gobo.

    A "Lonestar Gobo" is priced like a standard size, and the later definition of a Gobo is priced like a custom. At least this is what I have taken away from some conversations with a few suppliers.

  • Thank you.  I had seen in another forum that Apollo has a minimum image size of 15mm.  Offhand are you aware of other manufacturers that will do 13mm?

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