Studio Color 575 Iris Problem.

Hello everybody!
I have 4 12 year old Studio Color 575's They all work Okay with the exception of a few hesistative motors from years of Hardwork. All work great for being 12 years old and have barely any servicing done to them. However, One of them has a severe Iris Problem on it. A couple of years ago an old lamp exploded and all of a sudden the Iris wasn't functioning completly how it should. The Iris will dim from 100% through to about 80% then from 80% to about 4% the iris will not budge then from 4% to 0% is a complete blackout. I can hear the iris motor chuggin however the actual Iris does not move in that 80-4% range. Could this be a bad motor? Could something have gotten caught in the iris itself? I opened the bezel and couldnt see anything obvious on it. Not sure what to do...Any suggestions? Everything else on this fixture works fabulous!!

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