Frame and gobos

Hello, need to know if Sola Frame can run frames and gobos together, the company I am working for wants to buy some Sola Frame 3000 and theatre and I can not find these information
Thanks in advance
Ruso Efron
  • Hello. I have just used the Sola Frame / Spot 1500 tonight and found on that fixture if you focus on a gobo framing is useless. And if you focus on the framing the gobo goes completely away. I realize this is a difficult task and will never be perfect BUT this is completely useless it absolutely does not function like a framing light at all if you want a gobo for texture.
  • Hello

    The Frame 1500 is an older fixture, and one of the first of the Sola series.

    The focus length of 1500 is far larger than the newer fixtures, like the 750,1000, and 3000 and Theatre.

    I guarantee you find better results in the newer fixtures.

    Please email me and I can possibly help you with a demo. Our demo room is set up for virtual demos. We can also look into sending out a unit for you to test yourself.