HES Solaframe Studio and Theatre flicker


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with HES Solaframe fixtures and trouble with flicker and position sync issue when switching between W-DMX gen 4 and 5?

In our venue we have had no issues with fixtures that are using a gen4 Swisson W-DMX transmitter, but started getting occasional dimmer flicker and position kicks when we bought a new Swisson gen5 W-DMX transmitter. The recievers in both LX is gen5, so there must be something the fixtures are fussing about with gen5 W-DMX? 

We have tried troubleshooting everything else, and have come to the conclusion that the gen4 / gen5 is the only difference that causes this problem. Any help or experience is well received.



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  • Hi

    thanks for the reply.

    other fixtures both on the same line or on parallell lines (same tx, different rx) have no issues.

    finally got a dmxcat tester and it reports no flicker on any channel, but can see a visible difference in packets from g4 to g5. In g4 favor.

    are running a Chamsys Mq, and have now also tried doing slower speeds on dmx transfer to see of that helps. But strange that the HES fixtures are the only ones reacting to the issue.

    regards Daniel

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