Small DL.1 DMX (enhanced) bug?

I just had my first opportunity to play with a Catalyst (v3.3) and a DL.1. First, let me just say - very cool.

I did, however, come across what seems to be a small bug in the DMX implementation. According to the docs, the DL.1 uses 20 channels for DMX control (enhanced) mode. So, 493 should be a valid start address. However, the DL.1 reports a data error when set to 493.

I tried this with both our controller and an ETC console. If I set the unit to 301, it works on both controllers, but if I setup a controller to only send 320 channels on the DMX universe, the error returned.

It seems to me that the DL.1 (at least this DL.1) cannot be set to use the last 20 channels of a DMX stream.

Again, a very cool toy!