Projector com Failure

When i started one of the DL1 fixtures for the first time there was no response from the PAN motors. It looked like they was`nt receiving any current at all. I checked the 3 Phase driver board, and I found that the main supply cable was loose... problem solved. Then another problem followed : "projector com failure" I`ve checked all the status LED`s inside all of the card`s, and the readings looks good. I can not start the lamp, no control of input source from DMX/fixture and similar problems occurs. The RS232 cable is connected and everything looks just fine. Could there happen to be a software issue ? The firmware is 1.5.0


When I try to enter "projector control" from the fixture the fan in the projector starts, but stops again after about 2 minutes.

Please help :)

Trondheim / Norway
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