server off

I have a problem on 4 DL3 about 6
I need at even start to press and hold the upper and lower button next to the display to power on the server
I don't understand why, and how to autostart server when power on

  • Stef,

    If the servers aren't powering on automatically, most likely the motherboard of the server has lost its BIOS settings. This will happen with a dead motherboard backup battery.

    First, you'll need to replace the battery on the motherboard. This should be a CR2032 battery (it looks like a small coin) mounted directly to the board.

    Second, after replacing the battery you'll need to restore the correct motherboard BIOS settings. Connect a USB keyboard to the fixture, then power it on. When you see the High End Systems Logo splash screen on the menu, tap "delete" on the keyboard several times to go into the BIOS settings. Once in the settings, move to the tab on the far right (should be the Exit tab), and select "Load Setup Defaults". Confirm your choice, then press F10 to Save and Exit.

    This should get the servers to power on automatically as they should.

  • Thanks Schiefels for that post. I've fixed 3 or 4 of our used DL3s with your tips. However, I'm on my last one, and I've tried reseating all connections, loading BIOS defaults, and changing the CR2032 battery. Nothing will get the server to turn on by itself. I've also put other servers inside the fixture and confirmed that the fixture does send the boot signal. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to repair the server?