Installing new video card - DL3

Trying to replace the video card in 2 of my DL3's and the new card (HD4850) doesn't seem to be compatible with my CPU. The replacement kit came with the HD4850 card, an S-Video Capture Card and instructions for Axon Media servers.

The old card is ATI Radeon HD2900XT. The new card kit was purchased through HES as the compatible replacement.

1. I do not have room (or slot) for the S-Video Capture Card in my CPU.
2. The new card has a 7-pin S-Video input and the old card, a 9-pin input.

What am I missing? Did we purchase the wrong replacement?

Thanks for your help!!!:notworthy:
  • Hi Andrea,

    There should have also been an RCA to Svideo cable included in this kit. If it is not there, please contact support and let them know.

    The XT2900 and prior video cards used a VIVO connector (the 9-pin connector you referenced) as well as a break-out cable to do Svideo capture and the RCA composite video out for the menu video feed. Starting with the HD4800 series video cards, AMD/ATI no longer supported direct s-video capture. They also removed the VIVO connector and replaced it with a simple s-video out that we now use for the menu video feed.

    As I said earlier, you should have an RCA to s-video cable included with the video card kit. This cable replaces the RCA to RCA cable attached to the menu screen. The VIVO breakout cable is removed and the s-video capture cable will plug directly into the S-video capture card.

    As far as not having room for the s-video capture card, I'm a bit puzzled by that. How many cards are currently installed in the DL.3 computer? With that generation of hardware, you should have the video card and a PCI slotted SDI capture card. This should leave you with one open slot. Is this the current configuration of your servers?

  • What is the brand / part number of your S-Video capture card. I think I am going to have to replace my ATI Radeon HD2900XT as well. I bought 4 fixtures and have only worked with one so far and my video is dead.......just trying to do the research before having to spend the $$$