Remote Reboot

Because the CMA software could only best be described as Flaky at best, we are looking for an alternative way to reboot our DL3s remotely. We often have the case of a fixture not recognising all the cards on power up and need to do a CMA reboot to get it talking properly (usually USB INIT ERROR). Problem is you have to sit and wait for the CMA to timeout, rediscover, timeout again and finally let you at the fixture controls. A 'fun' part of the auto discovery and DHCP addressing that's the only option.

So what we'd like is the ability to reboot from a third party control. Unfortunately remote access via windows CMD is locked out on the DL3 OS.
Is there any other option here? Or do we need to turn to hacker land to see if we can come up with something on our own?
  • Your only other option would rebooting the PC from the DMX console. Beyond that, where the software ended on the DL.3, your options are hard reset (flipping the breaker), CMA, or DMX control command.

    The Server is completely locked out otherwise. In order to ease the IP time out, you could add a router into the network. At that point both the fixture and CMA computer will accept a DHCP IP Address from the router. Also, make sure you are using a giga-bit network. That also helps.
  • Yeah unfortunately the need to reboot is because of no dmx control so out of luck there.
    Network is all solid with a dedicated DHCP server.

    The issue is how many times the CMA wants to scan the network and lock up before letting you access the controls.
    Plus we'd like to have one dedicated control interface for our operators not a bunch of individual software.

    It's unfortunate that a reboot or shutdown command can't be sent straight to the server but I guess without access to the OS and enabling the service there's no way around that.

    Perhaps we need to find some evil hacker :p