Colorsource Spot staying on and cannot change use interface



I am using multiple new colorsource Spot's and I have run into some issues. One of my fixtures does not react when I press any of the buttons [Mode], [Up], or [Down]. The only thing the displays shows is 001, which is its address. I tried unplugging and plugging it back in and I tried to reset the fixture but nothing works. Any ideas on what is wrong and how to fix it?

A second problem I have is that one of the fixtures stays on when I turn the fixture to 0 intensity with the console. When I flip through the DMX address's on the fixture I end up changing the colors through an RGB cycle, currently the address I am using is 440 and it stays on red.

Also all of the fixtures are running v1.6.0


Thanks in advance for the help,

Rembrandt P.

  • Hallo,

    Sounds like fun, I think it would be best if you contacted your local Technical service folks.

    For technical support in the Americas,
    please call 608-831-4116
    or toll-free in the U.S. at 800-688-4116

    For technical support in Europe, The Middle East & Africa
    please call (+44) (0) 208 753 0984

    For technical support in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe & Russia
    please call (+49) 8024 4700-0

    For technical support in Asia,
    please call (+852) 2799 1220