We want to replace our Strand Iris 3 Cyc Lights with ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr® array bodies, fitted with the Source Four LED CYC adapters.

To light our Cyc now we use 4 of the 3 Cel Iris 3 Cyc Lights, lamped at 1000 watts (double-ended tungsten-halogen lamps) per cell compartment, so 12,000 watts of light now, with all cells at full.

I don't have an android or iphone and don't want to install the ETC CYC Tool on my wife's iphone so can someone do the calculation for me? How many ETC CYC fixtures will we need to accomplish this, and how far apart and at what distance from the Cyc they should be set up?

Our Cyc is 22' tall and 36' wide.  What other information is needed to do this calculation?
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  • The electric is about 8' from the Cyc now but we will re-position it to where it will work best for these fixtures.  That is why I am also looking for that information, what distance from the Cyc they should the Source Four LED w/ CYC adapters be set up for them to give the best coverage from top to bottom?

  • Ideally you don't want to be more than 6 feet back for best results.  I have found to 4 to 5 foot range works the best.  At 5 feet back that is about 6 fixtures on 6 ft spacing.  I would lean towards 7 fixtures at 5 feet back for the best outcome. 

  • Thank you for this.  We'll likely go with 7 then so there is an odd number with one in the centre.  Should the Source 4's be hung even with the top of the Cyc or somewhat higher (or lower)?  Does the app recommend a hanging angle position for this distance and Cyc height?  ...or is that indicated on the Cyc adaptor somehow?

  • The cyc adapters work best when the top of the cyc is even with the top of the adapter.  They don't work well if you have to tip the fixture down too much (you'll lose a lot of light on the floor since the vertical spread is very close to 90°).