Colorsource CYC software upgrades

I see on the Updaterator that there is an update for the Colorsource family of fixtures, but I had two questions as I've never updated a fixture before.

1) The software update says I need to update the Bootloader before updating the firmware..... but there is only one version of the Bootloader.

Does that mean I have to update both softwares for the one to work or is this just generic language?

2) Updaterator on my PC gives me an option to "Save for Console", and that gives me a 3.7mb executable file. . . .  Why is this? What is that? Why can't I just copy the cspar.s file and update from that file from the desk?

C) Is this the correct forum for software / networking discussion of fixtures? There is no Colorsource fixture forum, so I'm using the Source 4 forum.

Should I have used the Networking forum?

I feel as if there should be a Fixture Networking forum added just for these rare issues.


  • 1) there was once a bootloader change. i think when you want to go past firmware version 1.3 you also need to update th bootloader. if you're already past 1.3 you don't have to worry about the bootloader

    2) updaterator on a regular PC will download the most recent firmware from the internet. a console can't do that. so to bring the different firmwares from the PC to the console there is the Save for Console function. you take this exe file and treat it like a console software update. the "installer" will copy the firmware files to the appropriate file directory on the console's harddrive without you having to know th passwort to get into the OS and access that directory.