Coloursource pars flickering

I’ve got 12 coloursource pars in our fixed rig. In the middle of cues or during fades random units will flash on then off quickly. 

Any ideas what could be causing it. Possibly a bad dmx cable? 

  • Its possible that you have on the colorsource par the Preset Mode set. If you are looking at the display, and you unplug DMX, is the DMX Address displayed in the display or the preaet/sequence number (P01/S01)? Most likely the Preset number is being displayed. Usually, when DMX is active into the fixture, DMX takes priority, but there is a bug in the fixture‘s software code that allows the Preset to flash briefly on - making it look like the fixture flickers. If you press the mode button so that the DMX Address is displayed, then the Preset is no longer active in Background and this flickering won‘t happen again. 

    A better solution is then to go download the new/current update for par - version 171 and install which supposedly fixes this problem with the Par.

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