Source Four LED Series 2 Lustre--no color control (output only white)

We are using Series 2 Lustre LED Profiles. These units have previously worked normally in our venue.

We just installed a new Ion XE console (2.9.1) and a few of our Lustre units are not acting properly--we can dim the intensity but there is no color control--the output is only white.

We've been through the menus, ideally wanting to use Direct Mode, Incandescent dimming curve and Red Shift Enabled. Trying various other settings as well as personalities in the Ion have not worked. There are 8- and 10-channel personality options we've tried in the console but neither seems to work (note other fixtures in the theatre are working OK with these settings)

We tried punching through each individual DMX address within the fixture, and again only the intensity channel functions. According to the fixture, it is receiving full intensity on every channel (even when we know we are not sending such).

The data path is Ion > Unmanaged Network Switch > Unmanaged Network Switch > 2-Port Gateway > DMX to fixture.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


  • Are there other source devices on the network switch?  Perhaps another console in a separate showfile or a Paradigm architectural system?  What you're describing sounds like another source has those other addresses at higher levels.

  • Thanks for the reply. The only other source device on the network is an Ion RPU, which acts as the Primary; the Ion we are using as a programming surface is the Client. Both are User 1.

  • Hi! I am experiencing this issue with a Element board for some, but not all units. I did a factory reset on the units and no luck. Did you ever find a fix for this?

  • You could grab a DMX Tester and confirm consistent DMX Values all over the Theater.
    Or grab the Eos-internal sACN-Viewer, Tab37, to analyse if there is more than one device that is sending Data.

    That is how i would trouble shoot something like that.

  • For what it's worth, I finally got my units working. What was the problem? Those temperamental units were Series 2 Lustr's but patched as the first generation like the rest of the 20+ units. After a quick adjustment to the fixtures in the patch, things were perfect. Happy troubleshooting!