Ushio lamps don’t fit

Brand new S4s (about 70 fixtures) and brand new HPL750 lamps from Ushio (ETC logo on the box). Extra post lined up and normal insertion attempt. The ceramic can not go far enough in to click in and clip the restraining wires. We’ve tried 12 lamps in 12 sockets. An earlier batch Ushio lamp clicked in with no problem. We are consulting with the supplier but wondered if this has been seen by others.


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  • Hi Lloyd,

    Our quality team tried to reproduce this issue with our stock and couldn't recreate the issue you're having, but I'd like to get this fixed for you. 

    If you can send a video of this happening, along with any order information you have (i.e. order number, who you purchased them from, the name of your site) for both the lamps and the fixtures, to me at, I'd be happy to follow up with you and get to the bottom of this.

  • I'm having the exact same issue right now. Was wanting to post my issue & was not expecting to find an exist thread of the same issue.

    I had contacted ETC tech support evening of 2/20/24 & the person was not able to help me out. I followed up by calling Full compass for replace bulbs. 

    I'm working on replacing lamps on existing 750 Source 4's and I had ordered replacement bulbs (24 total) - Ushio HPLWX 750W/115V #1003153. The first 2 Lamps I tried from the 1st box of 10 bulbs. They stopped short of bottoming out with the fixture by about a 1/4 inch & would not go any further & there was no way I would be able to engage the retaining Clips. I tried a number of times to make them work with no success. I tried the same 2 bulbs on a second fixture with the same results. Thinking the second box of 10 lamps could be a different patch. The first one I tried & it snapped right in to one of the fixture I was have the issue with the first 2 bulbs. I had purchased the Lamps thru Full Compass & they're going to replace the 1st box of ten. Which I stopped using. 

    Now I did continue with the second box of lamps & the remaining 4 lamps left and not all of them were fitting in as well. I got to the point where I gave up on making sure the retaining clips were latched.   The bulbs were in enough for the light to function & very hard to get back out I just left the retaining Clip tucked under the lamp housing. 

    our PAC opened in 2018 & on 1 of the original Bulbs in one of the fixtures I was replacing it had been install the same way because the lamp would not seat fully so the retaining clips were under the bulb housing. This bulb was a 575W Osram lamp. 

    Out of the 14 lamps I replaced I would say only 1/3 of them snapped in like I would expect them too. Another 1/3 I had to work hard to get the retaining clip to engage in place because the lamp was close to being seated but not fully. The remaining 1/3 the retaining clips ended up tucked under the bulb housing. 

    I've worked for a Jet engine company in the engineering department for 38 years & this is clearly a quality issue. The Bulbs do have a quality issue because some bulbs would go into a fixture when another bulb would not. But it could also be a combination of the quality of the fixture & the Bulbs together. 

    ETC should take a serious look into this.  

    Jeff - SPAC Sanford, ME