Ushio lamps don’t fit

Brand new S4s (about 70 fixtures) and brand new HPL750 lamps from Ushio (ETC logo on the box). Extra post lined up and normal insertion attempt. The ceramic can not go far enough in to click in and clip the restraining wires. We’ve tried 12 lamps in 12 sockets. An earlier batch Ushio lamp clicked in with no problem. We are consulting with the supplier but wondered if this has been seen by others.


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  • Hi Lloyd,

    Our quality team tried to reproduce this issue with our stock and couldn't recreate the issue you're having, but I'd like to get this fixed for you. 

    If you can send a video of this happening, along with any order information you have (i.e. order number, who you purchased them from, the name of your site) for both the lamps and the fixtures, to me at, I'd be happy to follow up with you and get to the bottom of this.