S4 Lustr+ Series 2, Gobo Slot & diffusion holder


We've just received our new S4 Lustr+ series 2 LED fixtures, and want to be able to use gobos with them.
They have been supplied with the diffusion sheet already placed in what appears to be an A size steel gobo holder, which fits into the gobo slot.
This diffusion has been reccommended to sharpen the image up when using gobos and /or shutters.

Can the S4 Lustr+ series 2 use both a gobo in the gobo slot and the diffusion in the holder that it comes with? The slot doesn't seem big enough for that.

Do we need 2 holders; 1 for the gobo, the other for the diffusion sheet, or should we try & put a gobo & diffusion in the same holder?

OR should we get a gobob holder that goes into the iris slot, keeping the diffusion sheet & holder in the gobo slot?

Is there some other option that I'm missing?

  • First of all, that gate diffusion is not useful if you desire a hard focus on your shutters, iris or gobos.

    The purpose of the gate diffusion is twofold:
    It makes it easier to get a nice soft focus - eg for breakup gobos.
    It smoothes out the scatter colour visible on the front lens - may be useful if the front lens is in view of the camera or audience.

    A Source Four has two gate accessory slots - some people call them the Gobo and Iris slot.
    So if you want to use both the gate diffusion and a gobo, you'll put one in each slot.

    The Iris slot is much larger and has a cover that's locked in place with a small screw. You'll need to loosen the screw before you can insert accessories.
    This is also the slot you'd use for motorised gobo accessories.

  • Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the reply, I guess I'll get the additional gobo holders and do a bit more experimenting. I was seeing sharper results,  with the diffusion in place, on shutters, but don't have any gobo holders to try yet.
    My confusion comes from my real world results results with shutters as well as the manual information (Source 4 LED 1.60user manual REV A).

    "To clean up edge effects, use the soft focus diffuser in the A-size pattern holder. If combining the diffuser with a pattern, put the diffuser behind the pattern. The soft focus diffuser allows you to maintain sharp focus of the pattern while eliminating edge effects."

    I've looked online for any images or examples, videos or examples of with versus without, but haven't found anything. Perhaps this could be added to the training/knowledge base youtube channel videos to show the result?

  • Yes. But it makes the gobos look better when you do run the focus to soft.
  • FYI Since this discussion the following kit and documentation have appeared to install the 'soft focus diffusion' although I'm sure the smooth focus diffusion could also be installed in the same manner. https://www.etcconnect.com/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=10737460879