Using Soft Focus diffuser and gobo pattern

What is the recommended practice for using a gobo pattern plus soft focus diffuser in the same gobo holder?  Does the gobo go on the lens side of the diffuser or on the LED engine side?

  • From the Source Four LED Profile v1.8.2 User Manual, page 18' "Install a Soft Focus Diffuser"

    To clean up edge effects, use the soft focus diffuser in the A-size pattern holder. If combining the
    diffuser with a pattern, put the diffuser behind the pattern. The soft focus diffuser allows you to
    maintain sharp focus of the pattern while eliminating edge effects. The diffuser is intended for Source
    Four LED fixtures only.
    A permanent install kit is available.

    1: Install the diffuser into an A-sized pattern holder.
    2: Install a pattern in front of the diffuser, if needed.
    3: Insert the pattern holder and diffuser into the pattern holder slot, making sure the writing on the
    diffuser faces the front of the fixture.