LED hours

Is there any way to tell the number of hours a S4 LED lustr series 2 fixture has on it? Something in the menu list. I have an opportunity to purchase some and led hours are important.

  • Sorry, but we don't track the LED hours. LED degradation isn't an exact science, and each emitter in the unit is used differently depending on the mode and use case of the fixture, so each will degrade at a different rate. Your best option is to ask the seller about the use case of the fixture, make a best guess as to the number of hours it's been in use, and compare to the L70 rating on the data sheet. L70 is the number of hours an emitter can run at 100% before it can only output 70% of it's original intensity.  For S4 Series 2 Lustr, that number is 54,000 hours, so it would take close to 26 years running the fixture at full for 40 hours a week.  Hope this helps!