Ellipsoidal lens confusion

I can't find anything appropriate to ask this in (fixture accessory forum.....) either in Facebook or here so I picked a location that causes me to ask this: sort of.

I am scratching my head in the difference in ETC Ellipsoidal lenses - primarily looking at 26 degree but all should be the same. Seems there are Original,  CASS426, 426EDLT, EDLT, XDLT and ????

I am someday going to purchase led Ellips. I currently own all ETC conventional S4's. Originally 575's then added 750's and changed the bases of the 575's to 750's so they would all be the same. Well a great deal came up for EDLT lenses used so I jumped on it thinking that would be good for my current incandescent fixtures and when I get LED's I would have em already.

So I received them and don't see any color coding or drafting symbols on them. Did some research and I believe it says the EDLT's have dual lenses but these have single, set back in a bit. When I started comparing them to my existing lenses I see the original 575's have a lens that has a gap around the glass and the 750's do not have the gap plus the 750 lenses seem to open up larger at the output end. So I looked at the barcoding stickers on the lenses and they all say CALS426. The invoice says ETC CALS426 26-Degree lens Tube and the written description on their web site is the ETC explanation of EDLT lenses being so much clearer and better.

Well I put a gobo in a fixture with the lens gap and then compared to the ones I purchased as EDLT and could not see any difference. Still had the cloudy look. When I cupped my hands around the end of the lens tube I could make the pattern pretty clear; donut?

When I search EDLT lenses on Google it shows a couple of types: mainly with a color code and drafting symbol and without anything, just black. The ones with the color coding that had multiple photos showed a lens at both ends of the tube and the front one pretty much at the very front, different than those I have now that recess back into the tube. And again mine have only one lens.

I read on the ETC site that the XDLT lenses are due to be distributed in July 21, therefore I figured they aren't out yet and only found one; a 50 degree for sale. Lots of EDLT both with the coding and without and lots like my older lenses. One supplier was wiling to quote a price for XDLT however they had none on their site to order.

Sooooo what's the deal? I don't know if these are going to work well in led ellipsoidals (currently looking at the S4 LED Lustr Series 2's or if I have to now purchase the confirmed color coded lenses or XDLT when they are out. I realize anything will "work" but claims make it seem the higher up the food chain the clearer and brighter they are.

What are the claimed EDLT lenses that are selling as CALS426 as well as the 426EDLT along with my other confusion.

Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the questions! To keep things clear, there are 3 variants of lens tubes at present: "Standard Definition", Enhanced Definition (EDLT), and eXtra Definition (XDLT). The CALS426 is not a product description currently used, but maybe it was an old artifact referring to the EDLT in it's early life, as those lens tubes were at one time calibrated for to provide optimal output.

    All 3 types will work in either ETC LED or Tungsten fixtures, with the exception of the EDLT 50 degree which is for use with LED fixtures only, and XDLT which will work but requires the S4 LED Ser 3 Shutter barrel assy be installed onto the fixture.
    This link https://www.etcconnect.com/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=10737460688  is a direct download for the Lens Tube Configuration Guide, found on the Source 4 Product page on the website. It shows the lens configurations for Standard vs EDLT. XDLT is still new, developed specifically for use with Source 4 LED Series 3, and has not yet been added to these documents. The lenses are different, placement (in some cases) are different, and they have different coatings on them to create the enhanced optics. EDLT should give you roughly 10% intensity boost and better clarity with gobos compared to Standard Definition lenses.

    At first look, the obvious sign telling you which lens tube you have is the EDLT have a blue sticker on the lens tube, labelling it as enhanced definition. This is found by the accessory slot on the front of the lens tube. XDLT is a red label and a wider diameter.

    So I guess the CALS426 is still a question mark, and the 426EDLT just denotes that it's a 26 degree EDLT (4 for Source Four, 26 is the degree). For example, a 36 degree EDLT would show up as 436EDLT. 

    Here are a couple support posts to compliment my reply


  • Thank you for this information. Since the lens tubes I purchased do not have any colored labeling and they look identical to the tubes I already have had for a long time I am going to assume they are not EDLT and only a modified version of the original 26 degree tubes. I am also leaning on thinking the bar codes that show CALS426 might well have come from California Stage and Lighting here in Calif. Seller is giving limited information on their origin.

    Also they only have one lens and the photos I see online of EDLT 26 degree lenses seem to have two; one very close to the front of the tube. These have one set back about 1.5".just like my original 26 degree tubes.

    I'm trying to resolve the false sale with the seller as they had the ETC word for word description of EDLT tubes posted with the ad.

    Thank you again and it completely helps me knowing what I need to purchase once I start down the LED Ellips path.

  • [CORRECTION] XDLT can NOT be used with Tungsten Source 4. The information in the support post I linked above is correct. 

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